VisitorPlus Spa app for iPhone and iPad

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Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Developer: Exo31 Pte Ltd
Current version: 1.0.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 14 Jan 2015
App size: 668.04 Kb

How else could Spa owners give a personalized service to their customers if they cannot put faces to customers names? Spa managements have encountered administrative hurdles and encountered complications in managing Spa Visitors. One of keys to smoothly running your spa service is to ensure seamless and secured customer check-in through our self-service system, VisitorPlus Spa.

VisitorPlus is NOT a Spa Management system, VisitorPlus Spa is a smart e-receptionist which sits on a sleek iPad on a customer-facing kiosk at your reception. Draw clients in with the sleek look of the iPad, and use high resolution photos to promote up-sells and order extra items. VisitorPlus allows you to upload as many banners as you want to showcase your services and allows you to engage customers, drive sales with high resolution photos of your services, brand, on-going discounts and offerings.

The customer-facing kiosk check-in system makes check-in easy and interactive for clients, saves time and increase your business efficiency. VisitorPlus tosses away the sign-in sheets off the front desk and takes, the great news is that VisitorPlus integrates seamlessly with your existing management system.

The VisitorPlus Spa app, uses the sleekest technology which captures photos of clients so that you get to identify your customers and strengthen customer relationships. VisitorPlus saves clients time during their subsequent visits as it remembers them right from the very first visit.

Running your spa services on VisitorPlus Spa is a modern update on the traditional paper logbook way. VisitorPlus Spa is paperless, environmentally friendly and will increase your productivity and also drive customer satisfaction.

Secure and speedy check-in process
Faster check-in after first visit
Eliminates problems of illegible handwriting with paper sign-in
Secured data of visitors which the paper sign-in compromises easily

Real-time reporting allows you to monitor visitor or staff check-in remotely
Download reports with spreadsheets or PDF
Interact with customers and drive sales
Captures photos of customers
Allow visitors to easily sign a service agreement.
All features can be turned off or on from the admin dashboard.